Cross Country Flying

Lake Keepit Soaring Club is above all, a cross country site.

It can be very pleasant in winter to spend the afternoon boating around the strip, but when the warm weather comes, there are challenges out there waiting, and big distances calling.

On finals

Lake Keepit is a great place to start cross country flying or to do big distances. Lake Keepit is not a traditional Australian flat-lands site. In fact there are many hills, slopes and ranges in the area to break up the terrain where ridge, thermal and even wave lift can be found.

Most of the country in a radius of a few hundred kilometres from Lake Keepit is farmed so there are often local strips which can be used for outlandings with the chance of an aerotow retrieve. In fact most cross country flying is done on a mutual retrieve basis… Everyone outlands sooner or later, so people are happy to help. Just make sure you have the trailer and retrieve vehicle arranged before you take off.

Lake Keepit attracts all sorts of pilots from Australia and around the world each summer, wanting to achieve some kind of goal. We had a pilot from the UK going home after a successful Silver C flight. He had over 2,000 flights in gliders but because his home club was near the coast, distance flights were difficult. And we've had others who had more challenging goals such as a declared 500km FAI triangle.

The club gliders are well maintained, modern gliders set up for cross country soaring and the mid-week crew are there to help you achieve your goals. In the warmer months, there's almost always a gang of pilots at the club who set informal tasks to make things interesting and who are happy to show visiting pilots the way around. (Though not always the right way!)