Flying at LKSC

Lake Keepit Soaring Club welcomes visitors… in fact many of our members come from overseas or over 400 km away.

LKSC is an active 7 days a week operation run by club members so towing, glider hire and accommodation costs are kept to a minimum with the emphasis on flying and having fun. There's a good fleet of modern, well maintained aircraft or you're welcome to bring your own glider.

Lake Keepit

The weather in this region of Australia is such that we can fly all year round and through most of the year, thermals are marked by CU making life easy. Sure, conditions are better at some times of they year than others, but 300km flights have been done in July… the middle of our winter. While conditions for 1000km flights do sometimes occur in summer, 500km and upwards is possible, even easy on many days.

Mount Kaputar from Lake Keepit

The terrain around the club is varied and interesting. Yes, there are flatlands, but there are hills, ranges, lakes and even mountains in the area where there's everything from thermal to ridge and wave lift. The varied terrain makes it much easier to not get lost compared with the boring terrain in the flatlands and there are literally dozens of airstrips and other outlanding opportunities around.

Waiting for take-off

Do you want to get your C certificate and your home club doesn't have safe paddocks for outlanding checks?

Do you want to work towards your Silver C, or something more ambitious, and you're looking for some wide open spaces with plenty of serious cross country opportunities?

Perhaps you just want to float around the airstrip without the worries of airspace restrictions or GA aircraft doing circuits?

Or maybe you want to break a record or two?  Here are a few we prepared earlier… Lake Keepit Records

Whatever your interests, Lake Keepit has something great to offer.