GFA Membership requirements for overseas pilots

Section 22 of the Operations manual:

22.1 Foreign pilots

Regardless of whether the glider(s) concerned in any given operation are registered in Australia or a foreign country, foreign pilots operating in Australia must be qualified for the tasks contemplated, be in current flying practice and must be members of the GFA.

Foreign pilots must be provided with a comprehensive briefing on Australian
procedures (general and local) before flying as pilots-in-command. In particular, information on operations on licensed aerodromes and associated MBZ/CTAF procedures must be provided in clearly-understandable written form to each pilot.

Site checks must be provided for those foreign pilots who have not operated at that site before.

Competency checks must be carried out on foreign pilots, at the discretion of the operator.

Foreign pilots must be provided with a safety and survival briefing if they have not operated in Australia before.

Communications with Air Traffic Control or other airspace users must be in the English language.

Foreign operations in Australia must meet all aspects of normal GFA operational requirements, including applicable CARs, the provisions of CAO 95.4 and the GFA Operations Manual.


The GFA Articles of Association require GFA members to be a member of an affiliated active gliding club for the duration of that GFA membership.

For GFA membership, please contact the GFA.

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