Getting around at Lake Keepit

Quad bike roo scaring

Most of the gliders have full tow-out gear, and we tow them to the launch point and back to the hangars by quad bike. Great fun if you like the wind in your hair. Normally towards the end of the day one or two people will be despatched to the sides of the strip on quad bikes explain to the roos that there are people coming into land and ask if they would mind keeping off the landing areas.

It's strange, but just when you think you have got the hang of the roo wrangling thing, they will decide to test you and bolt across the field. And which way will a roo run if you come up close? Any way that you don't want! 

The Club Cars

The club has a car which is available to visitors. More a limousine than a car really. A limo which has seen better days… much better days… some long time ago. The limo is sometimes used to run the winch rope but otherwise it is perfect for a trip to the kiosk at the caravan park or a trip to the local town. The cost of the car is 40 cents per kilometre.  

Shank's Pony 

 The dangers of snakes, spiders, land sharks and drop bears in Australia have been exaggerated and the tourist bureau is doing its best to dispel the notion that Australia is any more dangerous than say Mexico. It's true that poisonous redneck spiders may be found inside boots under the bed but there's no better way to liven them up than to take a walk. 

The only time that walking might not be the 100% recommended as the best mode of transport at the strip is during the pecking season… see below.


Getting around the strip by bike is a great idea, except during the spring pecking season when the local magpies get extremely territorial.  For some reason, they regard cyclists as a greater threat than walkers… an instinct that they share with most car drivers. Magpies are smart enough to only swoop at your head and if you're wearing a helmet, they'll have a go at your neck, under the helmet.

Waving a stick around as you ride does not seem to work as much of a deterrent and the best idea is to fit a dozen or so cable ties to your helmet so you look like an echidna.  Or just wait until the pecking season is over.

The Dune Buggy

If you really like the wind in your hair, and perhaps a few bindies up your trouser legs, then try the retrieving the winch cable in the club's VW dune buggy!

The dune buggy