Duo Discus XT VH-ZAB

Lake Keepit Soaring Club has a new high performance two seater. VH-ZAB is a 2006 Duo Discus XT with less than 500 hours on the airframe. It is equipped with Cambridge 302/303 varios with Triadis Altair flight computers in both front and rear cockpits. A tinted canopy, Mountain High EDS O2 systems front & rear with dual MH 11cu ft Kevlar O2 bottles mounted in rear turtledeck and a Solo sustainer.


The glider is a terrific addition to the LKSC fleet for a lot of reasons. It's a top performing two seater aircraft for sociable cross country flight as well as training. The full set of modern instruments and sustainer mean the glider is ideal for advanced coaching and training for self launching gliders with pop-up motors.


You can download the hire rates and requirements for this glider from the "How much do things cost" section of this site.