Accommodation Off-Site

Club accommodation can get full at busy times of the year… Christmas, Easter, competitions etc. There's a lot of accommodation in the surrounding region but you need a car since they are all at least 3km from the airfield.

One thing to keep in mind is country music. Anyone who has seen the film Mars Attacks will remember that it was country music which made the Martian's heads explode and saved the planet. Well, country music is very popular in Tamworth, Australia's country music capital. So popular in fact, that in Country Music Week each January attracts around 50,000 visitors to Tamworth and spills out into the adjoining towns including Manilla and Gunnedah. The festival has been voted one of the worlds top ten music festivals and number 8 in the coolest music festivals. Probably because it is almost certainly 100% Martian-free. 

The point of all this is that all these 50,000 people have to stay somewhere, and they can't all stay in Tamworth. If you are intending to come up to Lake Keepit in January, make sure you have either got accommodation sorted out at the club or somewhere nearby before you come. 

(A side-note on Martians. I'm no astronomer, but I would think that Lake Keepit would be a great place for star gazing. There is very little light radiated from Tamworth at night, and the sky is almost always remarkably clear and the stars incredibly bright. Considering the remote location of the airstrip, it would be a great landing-ground if you were an alien with a copy of the Authorised Landing Areas and needed one of Allbut's curries to get things going after your voyage.) 

Lake Keepit State Park.

The gliding club is located inside the Lake Keepit State Park. The Park has a very well appointed accommodation with air conditioned cabins and cottages, as well as caravans and powered camping sites. All accommodation is close to the water with beautiful views across the lake. With many facilities and lots of well watered grass, the rest of the family can enjoy the Park while the pilots in the family indulge themselves. There is also a mini-mart and take-away shop. See the  Lake Keepit State Park  website for further information.   

Lake Keepit State Park

Tel. 02 6769 7605  
Fax. 02 6769 7547  

2 Bedroom Chalet

A new 2 bedroom chalet, is also available in the state park. The chalet is fully self contained with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom/laundry. The chalet has an outstanding view of the lake. It's quite isolated and ideal for families or couples who want a bit of isolation hopefully for romantic reasons. All linen is provided. Contact the state park for details.

Lake Keepit Sport and Recreation Centre

Keepit Sport and Recreation Centre website 

Tel: 02 6769 7603 or 1800 644 105 
Fax: 02 6769 7585 

Located 12 km from the airstrip and within ten minutes drive there is the Sport and Recreation Centre where further sleeping accommodation and cooking facilities exist. Rooms with 2 beds with toilet and shower next to each room. Fully equipped kitchen and lounge area which is almost exclusively used by gliding people. BYO linen and food.  

Also available is a 3 bedroom house which is ideal for large groups.   

Nearby Towns; Manilla, Gunnedah, Tamworth

Nearby are the towns of Manilla (35km NE), Gunnedah (40km W) and Tamworth (50km E). In recent years Manilla has become a very popular centre for hang gliding and paragliding from the nearby Mt. Bora. The site has hosted international competitions and is one of the best known in Australia.

Gunnedah, once the Home of the Koala, is increasingly the Home of Coal. Each day sees a succession of  trains carrying mountains of coal leaving Gunnedah, destined to add to the world's atmospheric pollution. Consider visiting a koala before it is too late.

If you are looking for low-cost accommodation with a bush flavour, consider the Royal Hotel in Manilla. Known to hang and paraglider pilots the world over as the "Home of the Gnome" or the "Ian Duncan Home for Bewildered Single Men", the Royal gives a warm welcome to flyers of all persuasions.

The following is a list of accommodation possibilities. Further information can be obtained from  Manilla Tourism (02)6785 1113 or  Gunnedah Visitors Information Centre  (02)6740 2230. All prices in Manilla and Gunnedah are negotiable especially on a weekly rate. The following table is for reference purposes is probably slightly out of date.





Royal Hotel 

Outstanding… worthy of a detour.

02 6785 1017

Ambleside cabins 

As close as you get to Keepit without being on site. Highly recommended. 

02 6785 1517 

Manilla Motel 

3 star

02 6785 1306

River Gums Caravan Park

Nice camping with a few hangies

02 6785 1166

Ski Gardens Caravan Park 

On the Manilla Road

02 6785 1686 

Imperial Hotel

Pub standard accommodation

02 6785 1018

Post Office Hotel

Better pub accommodation 

02 6785 1162







Alyn Motel

3½ star

02 6742 5028 

Harvest Lodge Motel 

3 star 

02 6742 3400

Gunnedah Motor Inn

3 star

02 6742 2377 

Red Chief Motel

3 star

02 6742 0833

Maynstay Motel 

New - not yet rated

02 6742 7150

Roseneath Manor 

B & B

02 6742 1906 

Billabong Motel

Budget 2 star

02 6742 2033

Plains Motor Inn

3 star

02 6742 2511

Overlander Motor Lodge

3 star

02 6742 2677

Regal Hotel

Better pub accommodation

02 6742 2355

Parkview Hotel

Pub standard accommodation

02 6742 2212

Courthouse Hotel

Pub standard accommodation

02 6742 0755

Imperial Hotel 02 6742 0176

Pub standard accommodation

02 6742 0176