Essential PDF Files

Here are some useful files for glider pilots on a fairly random variety of general topics.

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A mention must be made here of the DG website. This is a fantastic web site for information all sorts of gliding information including the source of the information on high visibility glider colours.


Lake Keepit Soaring Club Information LKSC Membership fees.
  LKSC Glider Hire Rates for Glider Flying, Training and Launching
  LKSC Accommodation Rates. Luxury you can afford!
  LKSC Membership Application form.
  Making payments to LKSC. How to get your money through to where it matters.
  LKSC New Member Welcome Pack. All the facts about the club.
  GFA Annual Fees. The current membership fees for the Gliding Federation of Australia.
Area Maps Lake Keepit Local Area Map. 20 km radius.
  Lake Keepit Task Area Map. 200 km radius.
Oudie  The official LKSC Oudie manual
  How to customise the Oudie Simulator for PC to use Lake Keepit terrain
Safety Winch safety. Safe Winch Launching. The booklet from the BGA web site.
  Winch safety. A very important article about avoiding winch launching accidents
  One of a series of four newsletters from the BGA on general gliding safety.
  Number two in of a series of four newsletters from the BGA on general gliding safety.
  Number three in of a series of four newsletters from the BGA on general gliding safety.
  Number four in of a series of four newsletters from the BGA on general gliding safety. This seems to be the last of the series.
  High visibility colours. A page from the DG website which discusses whether high-vis colours actually work, and what parts of a glider may be painted without risk of damaging the laminate.
  High visibility colours. A pdf file describing glider conspicuity trials done by the University of Cranfield in the UK. Very intersting reading.
  Are you dehydrated? A urine colour chart which you can print out and carry in your glider.
  Flutter. There's a perception that flutter is something you can fly away from… "If I feel flutter coming on a bit I will just slow down…" Well maybe you won't! This video from DG features a glider specially modified for these tests. Don't do this at home!
  NOAH. Bailing out of a glider is nowhere as easy as it sounds. The NOAH system from DG makes this as easy as it's likely to get.
  Crashworthiness. How Confor foam works and why you should use this for your glider seat cushions.
  The Piggott Hook. A simple and easy to fit device which will make sure your airbrakes will not pop out on take-off. Useful on self-launching gliders to lock the airbrakes open.
  Parachute Deployment
  Facts on Flaps. Dick Johnson's article on flaps. You know you need flaps to fill up any slack time in the cockpit… but other than that, do they do any good?
Operations MRBS information. How to log in and use the club on-line resource booking system.
  Dyneema or Spectra rope looks like an excellent substitute wire or polyester rope used for winch launching. This is an article on the use of this rope.
  To be any use, a person needs to be able to knot, splice and take a turn at the wheel. Here's how to splice Dyneema or Spectra rope.
  Glider Handicaps, competitions for the use of.
  Hill Soaring Notes by Don Puttock
  Dual Operations: Winch and Aerotow
Training Questions and answers on the A, B and C certificates.
  Further and faster 1. Extending the basics of cross country flying. From the GFA.
  Further and faster 2. Extending the basics of cross country flying. From the GFA.
  Learning to Fly. Course notes from LKSC on what to wear, what to bring.
  Aerotowing. The GFA manual.
  Post Solo. A training syllabus and guide for post-solo pilots.
  Powered Training. The GFA syllabus for self launching and motor gliders.
  Self Launching Sailplanes. A comprehensive users manual for flying self launching gliders from Eric Greenwell in the States.
DIY Building Glider Trailers. Notes from the University of Adelaide Gliding Club. Is this someting you really want to do?!
  Building Glider Trailers. The National Code of Practice. The legal stuff about building your own trailer.
  Building Glider Trailers. Vehicle standards for small trailers. Glider trailers fall into the category of "pig trailers". Does that describe the glider you fly?!
Miscellany The Ideal Crew. Back in the '60's they did things differently. Hans Killer's ideas about the ideal crew for your gliding life.
  Going over to the dark side. An article about a hang glider pilot moving over to sailplanes.