LKSC Awards

The Lake Keepit Soaring Club held its prestigious annual award dinner at the club on May 2nd.

In front of a capacity crowd, awards were presented to members for their performances over the last year. It is encouraging to note how many of our more active pilots got more than one award.


Award & WinnerComments 
Rising Star Award: John Stewart Another Cross Country Star in the making.  
Pilot of the Year: Gerhard Stuck Further and faster and most consistent!  
Longest Flight Award: Trevor West AKA Little Petunia 1000 km in 25 years!  
Peter Brock Award: Harry Medlicott For his 9th 1000!  
Most Damage to a Club Glider: Ray Tilley And it never even got out of its trailer!  
Cleanest Glider Award: Marga Tilley What do you have to do to persuade your wife that you are unable to clean your own glider?  
I left the trailer door open award! Jenny Ganderton So if anyone sees any trailer parts on the road to Manilla.....  
Rainmaker Award: Ian Barraclough Sponsored by NSW Farmers Association, for consistent and reliable results on the club safari.  
FUST Check Award: Dave Shorter. Get it down firm and early.  
Height Gain of the Year: Matthew Minter 8400’ Glider – IZV whilst on Aero-tow  
Best excuse of the year award! Matthew Minter Could not turn up to instruct because “I had an electrical fire in my (electric) car”  
Best Dressed Award: Robin Walker A prize most tried hard to win, but a worthy recipient.  
Inferiority Complex Award: Ray Tilley For having the tiniest glider in the shed.  
New toy of the year award! John Clark For having the shiniest glider in the shed (see above).  
Most instructional flights Award! Gerhard Stuck 76 flights! A clear winner of the closest competitor with 42.  
Follow me Award! Christian Linnett For most outlandings of the season. Again, a clear leader in his class.  
Shut the f___ up Award! Christian Linnett again. Silence.  
Highest no. of solo flights: Ray Tilley Taking currency above and beyond the ordinary.  
Highest no. of solo flights: Harry Medlicott And keeping Ray company.  
Aerotow retrieve of the year: Matthew Minter $400 from Narrabri. A stirling effort.