LKSC Links

Useful links for LKSC.

LKSC Links The Unofficial LKSC Chat Group. If you're an LKSC member, you should join this group to keep in touch with what is going on at the club. Quite focussed compared with some other groups…
  Australian Gliding Discussion Group. This group discusses everything from glider polars to how many beer cans could you make from a Blanik… normally all in the same thread.
  The GFA has a member's chat group. The list is only open to GFA members and is moderated. Go to the GFA site and look under Member Services and near the bottom you will see Gliding Australia Forum. The following link will take you there.
Gliding Organisations The Gliding Federation of Australia the source for Australian gliding information and services. The GFA has a register of clubs, sailplane suppliers and workshops.
  The British Gliding Association is a good source of technical and safety information. Home of Sailplane and Gliding. Probably the best soaring mag around (other than Soaring Australia).
  The Soaring Society of America is the main soaring association in America.
  Apparently the Kiwis glide (on that long white cloud)

The Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association in the USA caters for self-launching gliders.

Other Stuff rec.aviation.soaring is one of the main English language (US flavoured) newsgroups.
  Thirty Thousand Feet has some useful links.
  Cumulus Soaring is a web based shop, but the owner has put a lot of effort into the products he offers, and there are a lot of recommendations and comments on what's on the market.
  Dave Shorter's spreadsheet on circling speeds, times and bank angles, corrected for temperature and altitude