LKSC Club Fleet

Lake Keepit Soaring Club has a well maintained fleet of modern aircraft.

These gliders are available to hire by suitably endorsed pilots. See the Visiting Pilots  section for information on this. Visiting pilots from overseas can be assured that Australian standards for glider maintenance are amongst the highest in the world. 

Flight Computers. From late 2015,  Oudie IGC approved flight computers will be available for all club gliders. The Oudie runs the latest version of SeeYou Mobile and is a great solution for an easy to maintain, portable flight computer with moving map display and approved logger.

For glider hire rates, see  How Much do Things Cost?  or  click here to download a pdf file of current glider hire rates

For handling notes on these gliders, see the Information Downloads  section under the information and links menu. 

The GliderComments
Duo Discus XT

The Duo Discuss XT VH-ZAB is the latest addition to the club fleet. This Duo was made in 2006, and with barely 100 hours on the airframe is in excellent condition. It is fitted with a Solo sustainer motor.

The glider has all the latest equipment including two Altair glide computers, Cambridge 302/303 vario, a transponder and Mountain High oxygen in both cockpits.

All this combines to make this glider the ideal machine for cross country flying or X-C training up at Lake Keepit.


Discus 2B VH-NSO

In keeping with the club policy of things coming two by two, LKSC currently owns two Schempp-Hirth Discus gliders.  The Discus 2b is currently a top performing glider in world competitions.

The glider comes equipped with modern Vega/Altair Nav instruments, with Flarm Radar display and Flarm voice warning software. It is equipped with a Mountain High oxygen system.

The Discus 2B can be flown by pilots who have 250 hours in command, a Silver C Certificate and who have been briefed on the aircraft and signed off to fly.


The LS7 is a high performance cross country sailplane with balanced and forgiving flight characteristics. The relatively high wing loading of the LS7 is perfect for the typical big thermals of an Australian summer.

The LS7 is fitted with up-to-date instruments including Cambridge LNAV vario and datalogger.


Grob 103 Twin ll

LKSC owns two Grob 103 Twin lls. The club's Grob 103 Twin ll is an easy to fly and comfortable two-seater which is used for training and cross country flying. The Grob 103 Twin ll is light on the controls and has good co-ordination of stick and rudder.

Our Grob 103 Twin lls are fitted with up to date instruments including Cambridge LNAV vario and datalogger.

PW-5 Smyk

LKSC owns two World Class PW-5 Smyk gliders. Both gliders are nearly new and have very low hours. The PW-5 is a lightweight, simple and easy to fly sailplane, ideal for post-solo flying as well as boating around the sky for fun on those gentle doo-dah days.

While the low wing loading and small span of the PW-5 is unlikely to see it flying many 1000 km flights, the PW-5 is perfect for Silver C flights and can easily achieve a 300 km triangle.

PW-5 Smyk

Both PW-5s have clean and comfortable cockpits fitted with good modern instruments.

The Poles seem to enjoy calling their gliders by more interesting names than the Germans do. Apparently the translation of "Smyk" is "Sacré loustic".

Grob Twin Astir

The Twin Astir is the forerunner of the Grob 103 Twin ll. The Twin Astir a privately owned glider which is on-line at the club. It is used for training, air experience flights and on cross country training courses.

At higher speeds, the Twin Astir has somewhat better performance than the Twin ll which makes it marginally better for cross country flights.

The Twin Astir is fitted with up to date Borgelt instruments.

Callair A9 MRP

MRP is yellow and blue, but when you are behind on tow, you don't notice the colours.


A Back Up Tug

LKSC has a one or two backup tugs for times when MRP is being serviced. This one is white and blue and the other, a Supercub is red and white.


  The Winch Formerly Known as Harry's Winch

The Club has two winches, one which is new in 2009. This powerful winch is a petrol head's dream with a huge 454 motor and a Hurst on the floor. It's probably got a 9 bolt diff too though I lost count when looking.


The winch is equipped with dyneema rope which allows tows to an average of 1600' for a two seater and 1800' for single seater.

  Dune Buggy

  Winch cable retrieves are done by the club's dune buggy. If you are feeling a little smooth after a quiet day in a glider, a few runs in the raucous dune buggy will wake you up.


The club has a healthy and growing fleet of privately owned gliders. 

In the list below, some syndicate gliders appear more than once and some people have a share in more than one syndicate. To balance this, this list is somewhat incomplete with some missing owners having more than one aircraft. LKSC also has several owners with GA or LSAA registered powered planes.