Trial Flights

Flying in a sailplane is one of life's outstanding experiences. Buy a gift voucher for yourself or someone you want to thrill!

Our gift vouchers make ideal presents… they're valid for 12 months from the date of purchase so the voucher holder can fly when they want.

Many pilots consider the silent flight of sailplanes to be the only real sort of flying. So why not book at flight at Lake Keepit Soaring Club and see what it is all about?

Most Gliding Experience flights are around 20 minutes long, but if the conditions are good and there are thermals around, flights can be as long you like and as long as the thermals last… hours in fact. If there are no thermals, then a high tow can be used to extend the flight.

Experience gliding!

The club offers a few types of trial flight.

The Grob Twin ll winch launches

Aerotow Launch. - $200

You can launch by aerotowing and go as high as you want. The normal launch height will give you a flight of 20 - 30 minutes depending on conditions on the day. If conditions are good, you can extend your flight beyond 30 minutes for only $1.50 per minute.

The Twin Astir on tow

What's the best time to fly?

On most days, thermal activity starts around 11.00.Thermals build in strength towards mid afternoon. They then begin to weaken until around sunset where there may be only a few gently updrafts left. If you prefer a smooth flight, think about coming in the morning or late afternoon. If you want to stay up, think about coming from the middle of the day to mid afternoon. Strong thermals can be bumpy, especially in mid summer, so pick a time to suit yourself.

Gliding Experience flights can be had almost any day at Lake Keepit Soaring Club, but it's best to ring and find out what's going to be available when you want to fly and tell us what sort of experience you want to get from your flight… and then make a booking. If you want something special to make a real occasion of it, like a bottle of bubbly when you land, just let us know and we'll organise it.


Air experience flights are suitable for almost everyone, but you MUST weigh less than 110kgs to comply with air safety regulations and construction guidelines which apply to sailplanes. Sailplane cockpits are fairly small and if you are particularly tall, (over 1.9 metres or 6' 3") then you may have difficulty fitting into a standard cockpit. Contact the club if you have any concerns in this area.

Duration of Flights

All flying is weather dependent and if conditions are not suitable for soaring, if there is a lot of sink around, or if thermals are not found, then the flight duration may be less than expected. Ask your pilot for advice on this.

The base duration of winch flights is 20 minutes. The base duration of aerotow flights is 30 minutes. If conditions are good, you can extend your flight beyond the base minutes for $1.50 per minute.


The price quoted for a flight is for one person. The aircraft are two seaters, and you will be accompanied by a skilled, qualified pilot. The club has several two seat gliders available, so if you want to fly at the same time as a friend, let us know in advance and it can be arranged. Large groups of people can usually be catered for given sufficient notice.


All flying is weather dependent. In the case of bad weather, you can reschedule your flight for another day. If you think the weather conditions are doubtful, ring the club in advance for confirmation. 

Please contact the office for any reservations.