Weekend Courses

Instructors are on-site at the club almost every weekend of the year. While the instruction and flying is largely the same as on a mid-week course, the pace is normally less intensive. There's always a morning briefing at the clubhouse and instructional flights start as soon as the gliders are out of the hangars and have been inspected. LKSC is mainly an aerotow club, but there are many winch weekends throughout the year.

For any training courses, short term membership of the club and the GFA is required and this includes the 130 page training guide "Basic Gliding Knowledge" and a Log Book. On weekend courses, you're part of the club and expected to join in with other club members, getting gliders out of the hangars, doing daily inspections and getting them up to the launch point. It's a great opportunity to learn how the club works and to get more of a feel for things like daily inspections from other qualified members.

Daily Inspection

If you are not fully committed to the idea of becoming a glider pilot but want more than an occasional air experience flight, then weekend training is a good way to begin. You can get a lot of airtime in a less intensive environment than a mid-week course and at the same time, get to know what a gliding club has to offer. If you're interested in coming up for weekend training, contact the club and let us know what you want to achieve.