5 Day Midweek Course Aerotow

Midweek courses run from Monday to Friday and are the best type of course to take if you want to learn gliding. In most cases, there are no more than two students to each instructor so there is little sitting around. In summer, you can be in the air by 8.30 in the morning and flying until 6, so you'll can expect to get plenty of air time. Intensive courses like this are the best way to get proficient as a glider pilot.

Aerotow courses are a little more expensive than winch based courses because of the cost of the tug however Aerotow can give you more airtime, especially in average conditions such as early in the day.

Aerotow from the strip at Lake Keepit

Courses include three months LKSC & GFA membership, the 130 page training guide "Basic Gliding Knowledge", a Log Book and onfield clubhouse accommodation for five nights.

You'll be expected to have read Basic Gliding Knowledge enough to have a grasp of the basics of gliding and how to fly. These courses don't have a lot of classroom work… most instruction is done either in the glider or after landing, while you're taking the glider back up to the launch point.

Most people can expect to go solo by the end of a week's training, but going solo is not the whole point of the course, it's just a milestone along the way to becoming a safe, proficient pilot.

Aerotow at Lake Keepit

Midweek courses are normally run by the mid-week manager with other instructors assisting as required. Weekend training is done by the duty instructors and is less intensive. It's often a good idea to either come up to the club on the weekend before a course or stay for the weekend following to get some airtime in the full club environment.