A, B, C & GPC Certificates

Getting your basic certificates is a an essential but fun part of learning to fly sailplanes.

Going solo is just a stage along the journey of becoming a safe and competent glider pilot… and having fun! Beyond solo, progress is measured with certificates; A, B, C, and finally the GPC or Glider Pilot Certificate. While many clubs in Australia are suitable for A and B certificates, not all have the environment and conditions for C and GPC certificates where outlanding training and cross country flying are required. Keepit is perfect for all certificates including the hard-to-get ones such as Self Launching 

There's nothing better than getting these certificates as quickly as you can and Lake Keepit is a the perfect place to do this.

Cross country badge flying at LKSC

Flights of many hours are normally possible all year round at Lake Keepit, so while there are lots of challenges, staying up is not normally one of the big ones. In summer, the thermals are often boomers, taking you up to cloud base of 12,000' and more. The airspace is uncrowded and the air is clear and clean so you can see for miles… a great comfort on early cross countries.

The strip at Lake Keepit is large. The ends of the long strip are used for launching, and depending on the wind direction, there are many cross strips which you can use to practice different circuits and landings without the stress of lots of other aircraft in the circuit.

Late finals on runway 14

There are plenty of accessible out-landing areas around the strip, most of which you can aerotow out of, which makes C and GPC certificate requirements easy to meet.

Training and practice can be tailored to your own requirements so contact the club and let us know what you want to achieve…