Learn to Glide at LKSC

Lake Keepit Soaring Club is the best place in Australia to learn to fly sailplanes… for a whole lot of reasons.

LKSC is a 365 day-a-year operation. The club has a full-time instructor-manager and courses are being run all year round. If you already know you want to fly sailplanes, then the best way to start is with a week-long course. Most people will reach solo standard by the end of a week long course.

There are other reasons why LKSC is a great place to fly compared with other sites including cost, the airstrip, the glider fleet, the weather, accommodation… The list is almost endless but there are a lot of reasons why LKSC is Australia's favourite place to learn to fly sailplanes.  

The airstrip at Lake Keepit is large and there are several cross runways. All around the strip there are plenty of nice flat out-landing areas and very few airspace restrictions. Compared to flying at gliding centres near cities, the comparative lack of buildings, roads, telegraph poles and trees, make for very stress free flying.

The club has a number of easy to fly and safe two seater gliders for training and immediate post-solo flying and a good range of single seaters to progress into. Because many LKSC members own their own gliders, there are very few queues for gliders, even at the height of our summer.

You can fly at Lake Keepit all year round. Even in the Australian winter when days are shorter and the sun is not so hot, good cross country distances are possible.

Have a look at the courses available, from intensive week courses to more casual weekend training and you're sure to find something to fit your time table and budget.

Two seater training at Lake Keepit 

Pilot size and weight.

Almost everyone can learn to fly a glider, but you MUST weigh less than 105 kg. Sailplanes are designed to comply with air safety regulations and construction guidelines and in Australia, the maximum cockpit load is 110 kg. Since pilots wear a parachute weighing about 5 kg in a single seater, the practical weight limit is 105 kg.

Sailplane cockpits are fairly small and if you are particularly tall, (over 1.9 metres or 6' 3") then you may have difficulty fitting into a standard cockpit. Contact the club if you have any concerns in this area.