4 Day XC Weekends

Cross Country long weekends.

4 day cross country (X-C) weekends are held once a month to encourage post solo training and cross country training, or just cross country flying in company.

These weekends include morning briefings with weather including temp flights, task setting, lectures and any other help people may require. Tasks will be AAT or RUN Tasks so you can make it as long or as short as you feel comfortable with.

You can fly alone or fly in company, or organise a lead and follow with someone faster or more experienced to show you the way. These weekends are an excellent casual way to gain confidence when flying cross country and the casual competitive spirit gives you something to talk about over a beer at the club house.

Another great day at LKSC

Pilots are welcome to fly their own glider, to fly a club glider, or to fly in a two seater with an instructor.

To find the dates of these cross country weekends, please look at the Events list on the calendar on the lower front page of this site.